Yesterday's trash is today's Gold

"Art begins with resistance - at the point where resistance is overcome. No human masterpiece has ever been created without great labor."

Andre Gide

Permalink He was Snape in the movies. After watching the first movie and later on reading the books, I always, to this date, envision him and only him as Snape. 
All you need is imagination and a little excitement to start reading a book. 
Harry Potter is that book for me. 
Permalink The difference between the women of Harry Potter universe and the Twilight universe - ‘nuff said.
Permalink *nods* agreed … 
Permalink I understand your pain Neville, but ‘riddikulus’ that shizz. 
Permalink Yup its been a while since I posted anything so here u have a nice ‘rofl’ moment from rowling :P 
Permalink Nope *drool* 
Permalink yeah that’s exactly how I felt when the last HP movie came out :’( 
Permalink It’s a fake … TROLLED! 
Permalink If Harry Potter was an anime…
Permalink The new form of punishment at hogwarts..